What’s your approach to developing your people?

At lunch today, a fellow organizational development consultant and I were sharing some projects we loved working on. We both agreed we loved working with clients who partner with us for success, and who know that lasting change in people and organizations takes more than a one-, two- or three-day leadership, management, or communications class.

I’d outlined the three types of training solutions I’d found over my 26 years in the people-development business. In the article “Decision Tree for Training Solutions” you can see the three approaches I’ve distinguished and which one you and your organization use most.

Yes, my bias is clear in the article. I guess I’m biased toward what I’ve seen repeatedly create the desired results and biased away from “solutions” which are really a waste of everyone’s time and money.

See what you think. Then leave me a comment here, or email me and we can chat about it.

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2 Comments on “What’s your approach to developing your people?”

  1. Sam Horn Says:

    As always, Rebecca Morgan is insightful and substantive. I've had an opportunity to see her speak and the audience was taking notes as fast as they could. I'm looking forward to more of Rebecca's observations. In fact, I'm hoping she'll share her Chocolate Chip Cookie Marketing Strategy. It's an excellent example of her original and wise approach to attracting customers to your business.

  2. Guy Farmer Says:

    Great point Rebecca. I heartily agree that one-shot training has little or no effect. It takes time to change attitudes and behaviors. Savvy leaders and organizations understand that long-term investment in training will yield better results.

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