About this blog

Rebecca MorganThis blog strives to help you answer this question: How can you get the best out of your work force? How can you grow your key talent so they are ready to take on new challenges?

If you’re like most managers or executives, you are struggling with fewer people to do more work. Your people are smart and good workers, and you know they have to grow their skills to not just keep their heads above water, but instead, create the solutions which will be the foundation for your organization 3-5 years from now. Yet they don’t have the time to go to lunch, let alone attend an involved training session.

That’s where Grow Your Key Talent comes in. We’ll post insights and information — ideas, strategies and techniques — that will help you develop your key talent, whether executives, managers, salespeople, customer service reps or individual contributors.

Contact us with your ideas on this topic, Rebecca@RebeccaMorgan.com.


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