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Brunei bank managers are stars!

May 4, 2009

bibdLast week I had the honor of conducting a 5-day leadership, communication and presentation skills course for 25 senior managers at Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam. The group was fabulous. They were hungry for information to be better leaders and communicators. They embraced every exercise I asked them to do, no matter how uncomfortable it felt.



Effective Customer Complaint Management course

March 1, 2009

Now, more than ever before, you need to ensure every customer remains a happy customer, even when there is a problem. How your staff deal with problems and complaints will determine if that customer will return, buy more and/or tell others about their experience.

My seminar “Effective Customer Complaint Management: Customer Service Excellence Strategies for Driving Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Experience” is a comprehensive program and can be geared toward executives determining which data to gather and mine, to managers overseeing customer complaints, to the front line skills needed to calm down upset customers and turn them into satisfied, loyal customers.

Excellent service recovery will cement customer loyalty. Every organization has customer complaints. It’s how the complaint is managed that determines if the customer is satisfied and their loyalty solidified. Your employees can create astronomical customer retention or can drive your customers away. It all depends on how you approach complaint management.


Service secrets from the world’s most luxurious hotel

January 16, 2009

burj-from-beachWhat makes a hotel 7-star? How do the hire and train staff to ensure service literally fit for kings? Dubai’s world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel holds the answers.


How to keep developing your key talent even when budgets are slashed

January 8, 2009

Stellar employees highly value enhancing their skills. Studies show that professional development is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent. So what do you do if your professional development budget phoneis slashed? You get creative. And we’ll help.

We’ve found a trend among out clients that most want to have regular learning experiences but also want staff to be away from their jobs for shorter time frames. Also they don’t like having to spend money on travel, even if the seminar or conference is relatively local.

Enter a development tool that many have yet to try — teleseminars! These are seminars over the phone. Teleseminars are the most cost- and time-effective way to provide professional development. In about an hour you can learn new ideas and create a development plan to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

These are different than webinars because you don’t have to be near your computer, just any phone. Enjoy learning from your desk or while away from your desk through the ease of a teleseminar. You can take our teleseminars at work, at home, in an airport, hotel room — wherever you and your phone are. They have the same audio components as a webinar but without the tech problems many webinars entail. Attendees still receive visuals in advance — PowerPoint slides and/or handouts — just print them and take them wherever you’ll be for the call.

And talk about time and cost effective — in under an hour, a teleseminar can focus on a key topic and even include lots of participant interaction. So the learner isn’t just listening to a lecture — they are sharing their experiences and deepening their thinking and understanding on a topic. They hear what others have to say about the topic that will help expand their perspective and options. And they walk away with an action plan to implement the ideas at work.

All this for a fraction of what it costs for in-person registration fees, travel expenses and lost productivity.

Come attend one of our monthly teleseminars. I’ve been conducting teleseminars for 15 years and have been called “one of the best teleseminar instructors in the world.” (Thanks mom!)

This 50- to 60-minute call will help customer service providers receive insights into their behaviors, but they will provide an action plan to integrate new skills.

We’re offering a special to entice you to experience our January 21 session — 50% off for the first 5 registrants.

While these programs are designed for front-line customer service providers, managers are welcome to attend.

January 21 teleseminar: “Assessing Your Customer Service Skills and Attitudes”

February 18 teleseminar: “How To Not Take Others’ Comments Personally”

Click here for more details

Do your staff understand the customer experience?

July 30, 2008

Are your staff putting themselves in your customers’ shoes, thinking through the customer experience? Does your staff help your customers save time, money and aggravation, rather than causing more of these?

Twice recently, with two different reps at my travel agency, I found they didn’t really understand the customer experience, so I ended up spending more time, money and hassle than necessary.


What do Malaysians and North Americans have in common?

April 19, 2008

Me with Jonathan Low, MAPS conference chairI got to answer this question for myself a few weeks ago when I spoke in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had two engagements, one speech for the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers annual convention, where I spoke on “TurboTime: Maximizing Your Results Through Technology.” (I’m pictured here with the conference chair, Jonathan Low.)

The second presentation was a two-day intensive seminar for executives on “Creating Customer Service Excellence.” This program was sponsored by Elite Citadel, a seminar promoter for SE Asia.

What did I notice about the two audiences that was similar to North American audiences?


Do something different to set your company apart at Halloween

October 9, 2007

Books For TreatsWould you like to generate positive buzz about your company this Halloween?

Do something different this Halloween — sponsor Books For Treats in your area. What is Books For Treats? It’s a program that encourages you to give gently read children’s books to your trick-or-treaters. For about the price of a candy bar, you can purchase good second-hand books and delight your ghosts and goblins.

How does this work for your company? You could sponsor (buy) the books from second-hand book stores or other resources, and set up a table at a shopping mall or other venue in your community for trick-or-treaters. Many cities are now doing this so kids have a safe, central place to spend Halloween. Collecting treats is often coupled with other activities for the kids.

How does this benefit your company? Put bookmarks with your company info, or a sticker on the outside that says, “Compliments of (your company.” Send press releases to the media to get them to cover this unique giveaway. When you tie it into reducing childhood diabetes and obesity and increasing literacy, it is a win/win all around.

And believe it or not, kids — and their parents — love the books, even if they are slightly warn. Your good will will go far in getting positive responses — and new business.

I’ve been doing this at my house since 1995, and the kids (and parents) loved it so much, I expanded it into the community. We gave out 3500 books last year, and have 8000 to hand out on Halloween to kids in San Jose.

Go to the Books For Treats site to read more, download a free kit on how to do this, and start it at your house or community. Our motto is, “Give kids brain candy. Feed their minds, not their cavities.”

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