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Do your staff follow through on your advertisements’ promise of superior service?

February 27, 2009

Companies can pay millions of dollars in advertising their superior service. But if their staff doesn’t actually deliver that service, all that advertising does is set up expectations that aren’t met, then you get unhappy customers.

logo_emiratesI was excited about flying Emirates Air, as my friend Randy Gage waxed on about their service. Granted, Randy flew in one of their First Class suites (private bedroom, shower available). I was in coach. Although I’d flown Singapore Air a number of times, I wanted to check out the Emirates service to see how it compared.


Is training punishment for your people?

February 23, 2009

Last summer, I read an article that stuck in my memory. It was about US Airways pilots who, because of the increase in fuel prices, were forced to take fuel-management courses if they ordered an extra few minutes of fuel for their flights.

One former Continental pilot Bruce Meyer, said he had to hide that
he was putting a safety cushion of fuel on board.

Then US Airways pilots took out an ad that said the airline “embarked on a program of jailintimidation to pressure your captain to reduce fuel loads.” Senior pilots — those who are well aware of the vagaries of flights — were targeted for (gasp!) fuel conservation training.

Their punishment was training!


Service secrets from the world’s most luxurious hotel

January 16, 2009

burj-from-beachWhat makes a hotel 7-star? How do the hire and train staff to ensure service literally fit for kings? Dubai’s world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel holds the answers.


Customs officers should learn the custom of respect

January 5, 2009

Their job is to prevent any contraband from entering the US. But did these Customs officials have to be so darned surly in the process?

Some enforcement officers believe that they need to be human pit bulls and project an air that would have scofflaws cower. I beg to differ. I think one can be imposing while being respectful. These officials are the first impression many foreigners have of Americans on US turf. So why allow belittling behavior?

Bike shop spins customer loyalty

September 28, 2008

The guys at Willow Glen Bicycles in San Jose keep knocking my socks off with their service!

Dick and his crew are the kindest, most generous and knowledgeable bike staff around. I’ve watched them take care of the most proficient cyclist with thousand-dollar bikes to kids on Schwinns. When I wheel in my 30+ year-old 10 speed, they never laugh or make me feel like an old lady riding an antique. I’ve been to other local bike shops, including the previous owners at this location, and never been treated so well.

Today, is a great example. Last week I took in my bike because the odometer/speedometer I bought from them a few months ago was not working. At that time one of the senior techs suggested I get a new battery and he wrote down the battery number. I bought a new battery, installed it and it still didn’t work, so today I rode in to see if I hadn’t done something right. They tested the battery — it was fine. So Dick, the owner, replaced the unit with a higher level one saying the one I had was defective. He activated it and I was on my way. He wouldn’t take anything for the new one as he said he’d send in the old one and get a replacement from the manufacturer.

I asked if I could buy a tire valve cap and he said, “No.” I knew he was kidding and said, “We don’t charge for those.”


New just-in-time learning resource on the web

September 15, 2008

The just-launched site, iLearningGlobal (iLG), is a great training tool for corporate employees, small-business owners, and individuals interested in sharpening their skills. It is an amazing way to learn from some of the world’s greatest minds in success, productivity and achievement. iLG’s goal is to become the world’s largest online learning portal.

For a small monthly fee, subscribers have access to video, audio, eBooks and more from the top personal and professional gurus in the world today. I am honored to be chosen as one of the faculty members, along with Brian Tracy, Tony Alessandra, Harv Eker, Bob Procter, Mark Victor Hansen, Patricia Fripp, and many more highly regarded faculty are added weekly. Additionally, I am not only a customer but am so excited about this concept, I’ve become a marketer, too.


Do your staff head off customer upsets?

September 15, 2008

I’d stayed at the Bejaya Time Square Hotel on my last visit to Kuala Lumpur a few months ago. It’s a nice business hotel attached to a very large mall. My previous room was a junior suite with a small kitchen area and living room, and Internet access via a DSL cable. I assumed I’d have a similar room this time.

My room was a tad smaller and not as well laid out. I immediately booted my computer and saw no wireless signal. I tried plugging in my travel Ethernet cable, but it didn’t fit in the wall slot. As he helped me with my bags, I asked the bellman if there was a DSL cable in the room. He said he’d be right back with one. I unpacked and got ready for an appointment with a business friend. The bellman didn’t return.

Twenty minutes later, I called the front desk and was told they would send a cable right up. I said I was leaving in a few minutes, so just leave it in the room.